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Since the early days of Floret, I have grown thousands of different varieties, including annuals, perennials, biennials, bulbs, trees, shrubs, and vines, collecting detailed observation notes and photographs of them both in the garden and in the vase. 

I had no idea when I started down this path that it would eventually become an entire library of work and I am so excited to finally be able to share it with you. This comprehensive, digital library of flowers is available to anyone, anywhere in the world to use for free. The library includes more than 1,500 unique cut flower varieties that have all been grown and tested here on our farm. 

My hope is that the Floret Library will open up a whole new world of possibilities and help you discover new varieties to add to your garden. By shining a spotlight on these treasured varieties and the specialty nurseries that grow them, we can ensure that they are preserved for future generations.

How to Use the library

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You can use the library to print a full group of plants as a set of planning cards, or do a deeper dive into a specific variety and print its planning sheet. These printable resources are invaluable when it comes to garden planning.

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The story behind the library

How the library came to be

When I was first starting on my flower journey, finding information about different cut flower varieties was nearly impossible to come by. As my passion and curiosity quickly outgrew the resources available, I started to experiment on my own. After years of behind-the-scenes work, including trialing, photographing, documenting, cataloging, and classifying thousands of different flower varieties, we created the resource I’ve always wanted to have.

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Please Respect Our Work

We have poured so much time, energy, and years of collective effort into the Floret Library and it is our gift to the world. While we have made this information available to use for free, all of the words and images contained within the library are protected under copyright and it is illegal to duplicate or plagiarize this information.