How to use the Library

How to use the Library

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Get the most out of your library experience

The Floret Library includes more than 1,500 unique cut flower varieties that have all been grown and tested here on our farm. Each variety profile includes a detailed description of the plant’s characteristics, beautiful photographs, growing tips and tricks, and harvesting and vase life information. 

You can search the library in a number of different ways—by plant collection, by color, by form, or by special features. So you can do a deep dive into a specific group of plants like dahlias or chrysanthemums, or you can look at the entire library and filter based on your own set of criteria. 

But the best feature of all is that the entire library is printable! You can choose to print a full group of plants as a set of planning cards, or do a deeper dive into a specific variety and print its planning sheet. These printable resources are invaluable when it comes to garden planning. 

For a virtual tour of the library, including instructions for how to utilize the refine by and print features, along with how to get the most out of your library experience, be sure to watch the helpful tutorial videos below.

Tour the Library

Take a virtual tour of the Floret Library and learn how you can get the most out of your experience. See how the library is organized, explore the different plant collections, get an overview of the refine by and print features, plus where you can find sources for many of the varieties included.

How to Print

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the library’s print features. You can print a full group of plants as a set of planning cards, or do a deeper dive into a specific variety and print its planning sheet. These printable resources are invaluable when it comes to garden planning.

Find New Favorites

The Floret Library can be searched in a number of different ways, including by plant collection, color, and special features such as fragrance, producer type, whether a variety is suitable for containers, if it’s pollinator-friendly, and more. Watch this video to learn how you can use these tools to find new favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Where can I find sources for the plants listed in the library?

You can find our favorite sources for many of the plants listed in the library at the bottom of each variety’s profile under “Sources.” The nurseries that we share are all ones that we’ve worked with for many years and highly recommend.

My company offers some of the varieties listed in the library. Can you add my business to your recommended sources?

All of the sources that we recommend for seeds, bulbs, and plants are based on our firsthand experience, or come highly recommended by our readers. If you have a product that you think we should know about, please feel free to tell us about it in our feedback form.

Are any of the varieties featured in the library available in the Floret Shop?

We will only be offering our Floret Original farm-bred seed varieties or special flowers that need our help to be preserved. If you’re looking for some wonderful sources for seed, be sure to read Floret’s Favorite Specialty Seed Sources for recommendations both here and abroad.

I see a photo or information that looks inaccurate. How should I share my feedback?

While we’ve tried our very best to ensure that all of the information and photographs in the library are accurate, we will inevitably uncover some mistakes. If you see something that you think is incorrect, please complete this form to let us know.

Can I use your photos or descriptions?

No. While we have made this information available to reference for free, all of the words and images contained within the library are protected under copyright and it is illegal to duplicate or plagiarize this information.

Is there a way to save my favorite varieties?

No, at this time we are not able to offer this as a feature but will keep it in mind for future updates to the site.

In the seed collections, I see you can refine by cut-and-come-again, medium producer, and one-hit wonder. Can you explain what these features mean?

These are three main categories we assign annual cutting varieties to, and this information is especially useful if you’re considering succession planting. For more information on succession planting and each producer type, read this blog post.

Printing Questions

I’m already on your newsletter list—why do I have to sign up to print?

The print access feature in the Floret Library is separate from our newsletter, so you do have to sign up to be able to print.

Can I select only the varieties I want to be included in my planning cards?

No, but you can use the refine by selections in any collection to build out your own print sheet based on features like color, form/type, bloom time, or being pollinator-friendly, suitable for containers, etc.

Why isn’t the collection I’m trying to print loading?

Large collections (like All Plant Collections, Seeds All, and Dahlias All) can take up to 15 seconds to load, depending on what browser you’re using and the speed of your connection. If you’re still having trouble, we recommend closing and reloading your browser and trying again.

My print page layout looks off, can you help me?

Print settings vary by browser. We recommend using the latest version of Safari or Chrome on your laptop or desktop device for the best printing experience.